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The n° 6 veloroute Nantes-Budapest in details (Rivers Route): Useful maps, photographs, description, services, councils¦

3.000 km cycling route from Atlantic to Black Sea;
a project supported by the European Union,
remarkable routes all carefully and in expatriation,
a marking out of exceptional sites.
It's the euro-veloroute of the rivers!

To appreciate this route by stages
or as a whole,
follow the

last update 22/04/2011

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This site was carried out by the VR6 association members in order to disseminate practical information bound for the cyclists eager to traverse with facility the French part of this route

The Nantes-Budapest veloroute, a cycle route of great scale which will connect in a few years the Atlantic to the Black Sea. A long-term project, supported by the authorities of the various crossed countries. On this site dedicated to the description of the route of Nantes-Budapest Veloroute called Rivers Route, you will find all the information interesting the cyclists eager to practise their sport favourites under good conditions. The Rivers Route will be a vector of tourist development thus economic for all those which will be able to seize the chance that that represents. The Rivers Route will be also an excellent vector of geographical and political knowledge. Veloroute, bicycle road, euro véloroute, euro veloroute, eurovelo, euroveloroute of the rivers, green lane, Nantes, Nantes, Nantes countries, France, Budapest, Budapest, Switzerland, Austria, the Loire, the Rhine, the Danube, the Loire with bicycle, are evocative names this course.